Inventor Academy

Welcome to the Inventor Academy

Thank you for visiting the Inventor Academy! Here is where you can learn about our Mission, meet our Faculty and discover who our Partner Institutions and Collaborators are, to develop an idea of us as an organization. Find out about our Courses and see how we work with Children, Teens and Youth to realize the potential we know they represent for the future.

  • Meet Our Faculty

    Our Faculty has been selected using an extremely rigorous vetting process that evaluates our Instructors along four lines:

    1. Excellence in Teaching
    2. Maker Accomplishments
    3. Industry Experience
    4. Academic Credentials

    Our Faculty members work in tandem to bring a multi-faceted, 360-degree view of our Courses every student on a customized, individual basis.

  • Learn About Our Courses

    Our Programs are highly experiential in nature. We place a heavy focus on Faculty-facilitated skills transfer and our students are given opportunities to actively apply any theories learned in practical ways that enhance retention.

    In our model, Faculty members primarily act as coaches, information resources and facilitator while students primarily LEARN BY DOING.

School Calendar

  • 02 | 09 | 16 | 23

    (Become a Maker!)

    Learn how to enter the exciting work of the MAKER. In this class, we show you everything you need to get started in THE most dynamic and promising global community of our time!

  • Learn how CNC platforms work and gain valuable practical MAKER stills by assembling your own 3D Printer under expert supervision! Enroll Now, classes are limited to a maximum of 8 students!

  • Learn how to produce your own 3D models using our simple yet powerful "digital clay" modeling software. In this class you will learn about how 3D DESIGNERS harness their creativity to create world-beating Inventions!